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Candlelight Saturday Evening 8PM (APPROXIMATELY)
Closing Ceremony Sunday Afternoon 3:30PM (APPROXIMATELY)

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Please prayerfully consider how you may serve the Lord at these upcoming Walks.  We can always use your help in the kitchen, as agape.......even if you can't serve the whole weekend!  Come be the hands and feet of Christ!

We need to cover these Walks in prayer, supporting the Pilgrims,
the Team and Agape. 

The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen the local Church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders. Through 15 talks participants experience God’s grace and love. The Resurrection story told in Luke 24:13-35 relates what happens on The Walk to Emmaus: Faith is explained, grace is re-experienced, Christian community is realized, and the body of Christ is renewed.

Terraced Hills Walk to Emmaus began having walks in October of 2001 at Camp Aldersgate in Villisca, Iowa. Walks were usually twice a year in the spring and fall through the fall of 2007. Due to the sale of Camp Aldersgate, Terraced Hills Walk to Emmaus is now held at the Corning United Methodist Church. We hold Walks there at various times of the year to try to accommodate people in all industries.  Please check the website often to see what our upcoming dates are.

Anyone seeking to grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ is welcome to attend a Walk to Emmaus weekend, but a sponsor is needed for you to attend. Married couples are encouraged to attend the same set of weekends. If you are interested in experiencing a Walk to Emmaus weekend, please talk to someone who has attended a Walk or e-mail terracedhillsemmaus@gmail.com